Opening the accessibility door to golf

November 19, 2023 by Stephen Clark

Opening the accessibility door to golf

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The concept and mission of indoor golf offers new access to the game

Virtually Golf is creating new avenues into golf and making the sport more accessible in and around Lincolnshire. By partnering up with ‘Aspire Day Services‘ Team VG has taken a new approach to introduce a great game, in a new way, to a new audience.

Stephen Clark, Managing Director

Virtually Golf first noticed Aspire Day Services coming into the venue during lunch periods to enjoy the virtual simulators. After seeing how well the simulators facilitated the group, offering a comfortable and welcoming activity for adults with learning difficulties, Team VG approached Aspire Day Services to see if we could help on a more regular basis. A possible Partnership was definitely in the air.

So, you can imagine how thrilled we are to officially announce our Partnership with Aspire Day Services. From Aspire’s point of view, they have created a new experience and now have 8 consecutive weeks of virtual golf sessions booked. These new sessions will allow up to 40 adults with impairments and disabilities as well as their Aspire supports to enjoy the relaxed and safe environment that VG provides while embracing the virtual games on offer.

For Virtually Golf this was a great opportunity to support its mission by bringing new audiences to sport. Virtual games like carnival and football open up the opportunity to engage and interact with the simulator as well as time for focussing on key motor skills development. Then, when groups are ready, we are able to introduce the game of golf.

By providing top branded PING G430 clubs, thanks to our partnership with PING, we focus on ball strike around putting and on the range with different targets set up. By supporting at every step of the way, with each and every shot in fact, team VG focuses on the excitement that comes along with the games and developing a new skill set.

The goal? At the start of the next session staff are being asked the question… can we play golf this week?

Amazing feedback from the guys. The staff are very accommodating and helpful. Everyone that has attended has really enjoyed their time at Virtually Golf and are looking forward to going back. 

Kasey Kane, Aspire Day Services

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