Schools & College Partnerships

June 7, 2023 by Stephen Clark

Schools & College Partnerships

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Virtually Golf is bringing their virtual world to a new audience by working closely with Priory Academies & Lincoln College. Offering classes and group trips for all ages to the venue creating an educational an interactive experience known as ‘VG Academies’.

UK School Programmes are starting to introduce golf, this is mainly through PE teachers and hired professionals using golf training aids on the school fields. Virtually Golf have introduce an educational and interactive experience for school and other educational sectors to visit the venue.

Virtually Golf partnered up with Lincoln College in mid 2022 where we saw a great opportunity to direct the Virtually Golf concept into the educational world. Upon welcoming numerous classes from the college and formatting a friendly, fun and interactive experience we were excited to see how engaged students and pupils can be with the simulators and relaxed around the venue.

Our students benefit from our partnership in a variety of ways, from developing stronger connections to learning new skills. Virtually Golf is a real rewarding partnership that has something for everyone.

Gemma Bell FE Engagement and Sport Project Co-ordinator | Lincoln College

Priory City of Lincoln Academy have set up a partnership with Virtually golf allowing classes and groups for up to 12 schools across Lincolnshire to visit the venue during the week.

During the visit pupils are welcomed and asked to take a seat during the beginning of the trip where VG staff give an educational presentation on technology in sporting industry and how different games had advanced through in different ways along with sports who have not yet adapted enough to the new modern changing world. This is followed by interactive simulator introductions where kids and teenagers can play and learn football and golf on the simulators, experiencing how the technology can give feedback on how they are performing creating a new opportunity to develop in the sport. Staff are on hand to explain the different data being seen and then follow on by organising a fun interactive competition for all.

This is so much more than just golf! Such a great space, fantastic technology and such a great perspective on opening up the game more and supporting our career programmes.

Elizabeth Draper-Smethurst Trust, Priory Academy

With plans to quickly develop into schools using pop up simulators and branching outside of Lincoln into surrounding counties and the country.  VG Academies aims is to give children another skill set but also offer another avenue into the game of golf with the clear understanding that technology can be used to advance in sport and is now a way of the future. 

If you are interested in working with VG Academies please enquire using the button above.

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