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To avoid disappointment, book online to secure your simulator at Virtually Golf. You are welcome to turn up on the day, but we can’t promise there will be a simulator available for your group. When you get to the venue on the day, just let the person greeting on the bar know who you are and we’ll get you all set up! Arrive early to take advantage of the bar, kitchen and lounge seating.

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Play a range of explosive games on our simulators, suitable for all skill levels. Try your hand at golf, or play fun carnival games (which have a tendency to get very competitive!) We also have a football simulator, for the sure-footed. If you’re a seasoned golfer, you’ll be in your element, with playable courses from Augusta to Pebble Beach! All game choices can be chosen on your booked simulator, you’ll never want to leave, so book enough time!

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Enjoy gourmet food, tasty shareables and our fully-stocked bar, right from where you are. We have a range of tables and bar seating areas so you can grab a bite to eat before, during you gameplay. We serve everything from coffee to cocktails, meaning you can make Virtually Golf your one-stop destination, morning, noon or night.


How do I play golf indoors?

We talk through the game plan and how it works, we’ll demonstrate by hitting a few shots then set you and your group up in a game mode to maximise your time and experience. If you have any other questions, please contact us at

What can customers do on the simulators?

Play golf courses, enjoy golfing practice areas, football, competitions, business & conference meetings and much more.

Do I pay by the hour or per person?

You pay for the simulator per hour, not per person.

Can I just walk in, or do I need to book?

We always recommend you book to guarantee your simulator slot. But yes, you’re always welcome to come in when you can.

Do I need to bring my own clubs?

We’ll provide all the equipment, just bring yourselves. However, you are welcome to bring your own clubs and we’ll even store them at Virtually Golf for you if needed.