Virtually Golf are on a mission to create new avenues into the sport through a unique family friendly experience. Watch our video.

Growing Love for the Game

The idea was simple, offering an indoor venue where golfers and non golfers can play and enjoy the sport…turning that concept into reality however, was not simple!

Conducting the business with honesty, integrity and making meaningful contributions to the communities and industry it serves was paramount. We needed to grow relationships with you, not just within our four walls but outside our doors.

We are an entertainment business built around indoor Golf simulation, but what does that mean for golfers and non golfers.
Together we can invoke change within the world of golf. The true value proposition isn’t just how you can become a part of the golf community, but more importantly, how you can help the sport to grow and flourish.

What is Virtually Golf?

An indoor golf experience in a prime location where golfers and non golfers will hit real shots in state of the art simulators. Enabling them to learn, play and enjoy the game on demand in a new way.

The venue provides multiple games and programmes beyond golf, creating multiple channels of engagement on the simulators while serving drinks and globally inspired foods.

How is golf away from golf becoming so popular?

22 million

Adults in GB&I engage with golf

22 %

Only play on a golf course!

2 million

Play simulator golf with rapid growth

Why Virtually Golf?

The game is growing at an unprecedented rate and we want more people to experience the sport that so many of us love.

The unique concept of Virtually Golf allows an environment for people to experience the sport without the pressure or purpose being to learn golf! Or you arrive at VG not to play, but become a golfer !

Customer stories

We helped Mark to reignite his passion for golf. He is a valued member of our community and we love to see him flourish!

“ Virtually Golf has helped me to get noticed again, my confidence has improved and I found a community that’s supportive, relaxed and welcoming to everyone ”

Mark Thomson - Swings Again

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Virtually Golf uses Foresight Sports technology which has changed the game with its award-winning line of GC launch monitors, no other technology delivers the accuracy and reliability.

“ The modern game of Golf, being a very technical and precise sport, relies on being exact with your preparations and execution. For this reason, the technology at Virtually Golf is going to be an extremely important part of my success in 2023. ”

Will Walker - Golf Professional

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Screen to Green allows customers to pick up a club for the first time and strike a ball with no fear of their surroundings. A great way to learn and build confidence ready for the course.

“I was so excited when my dad told me about Virtually Golf! I had never played golf
before, but I now own my own set of clubs and I look forward to playing every week.”

Cal Lovell - Age 9

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Our Brand

The concept of the brand runs through Virtually Golf’s DNA, it is a statement of simplicity. The bold form shows strength and character enabling us to stand out from the crowd.

As a combination mark it is inclusive, yet embodies the drama and precision of sport allowing the brand to grow as an independent form to a global brand with partnerships.

Join our journey

As a new small independent business with the mission to help an already 5 billion industry in the UK alone the Virtually Golf team understand that to grow, we open our doors to potential business partnerships, keep close relationships with supplies and to listen to interest from investment enquires.

If you’d like to discuss being apart of the VG journey please contact us. We bring excitement, passion and belief into business and the game of golf.

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