Tales from The Clubhouse | Pro-shot Will pops in

August 7, 2023 by Stephen Clark

Tales from The Clubhouse | Pro-shot Will pops in

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Will (26) is a touring professional from Collingham, Lincoln. Will was first introduced to golf at the age of 15 and was delighted to hear of the opening of an indoor golf facility within his home city. On his first visit to Virtually Golf he was blown away!


William Walker

Will was introduced to Virtually Golf when he and his father came in to train and have a look around when the business first opened in 2021. VG staff on the day spoke to Will and introduced him to the simulators. They discussed the monitors and software as Will acknowledged Foresight Sports ‘GC Quad’ technology as one of the most trusted in the industry. During Will’s training he was able to dial in on his wedge mileages and the software allowed him to self-fit his own clubs and analyse the spin rates.

I can work remotely with my coach, and due to the data analysis given, I now know how to improve my swing and distance control.

William Walker

Virtually Golf has been highly convenient for Will due to the venue being open for such long hours. Regardless of where he is, Will can rely on being able to come in and practice as it’s crucial to his development as the touring season continues.

The staff at VG are always welcoming and he has become a good friend to the business with himself and employees talking at length about the sport, the industry, equipment and his ambitions in the game.

VG removes all of the traditional old fashion stereotypes that are still associated with the sport. It’s much more of a relaxed environment, I’ve not seen any indoor golfing facility like this anywhere. In opposition to a golf course, VG is highly accessible for all, when playing at VG they have all the equipment you need, and it’s great to not only see players like myself practising but beginners aswell.

William Walker

The design and layout of Virtually Golf have been patiently and specifically curated to allow families and friends to feel entertained by the game. However, VG is still golfing through and through, after all this is the primary principle of the company. To give private parties as well as touring professionals their own space, ‘The Bunker‘ was created and designed to allow players like Will to concentrate in a dedicated area and train to develop with the latest software at their fingertips.

It’s been great to see Will using the technology to progress in his career, however I’m also taken by his great character. Will is a fantastic person who is polite, patient and comes with a wealth of knowledge around the game. I wish him all the best and VG will be here to support him in any way we can.

Stephen Clark, Managing Director at VG

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