Whether you’ve never touched a golf club before or you’re looking for the next competitive edge in your game, Virtually Golf has a concept unlike anything you've seen before!


Virtually Golf is a new environment away from the golf course! Time has been spent creating a relaxing, fun environment for golfers of all ability levels. Gone are the days of exclusivity and the gentleman's clubhouse feel - welcome to vibrant colours and a new modern way to play.

Data at your fingertips

Thanks to its precise sub-millimetre measurement of the golf ball, Foresight technology used at Virtually Golf ensures accurate and reliable feedback in the simulator. No other launch monitor technology compares to the GC line when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight. Now you can download your data to your phone a benefit with accurate information on your game.


Centralised Teaching Hub

Virtually Golf offers it's venue out to golf course professionals as well as tour players to play, develop and also teach. With the aim to open it's doors to golf clubs to use VG facilities and enable warmth and convivence during the winter months. For lessons or enquires to teach at Virtually Golf please enquire below.

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Schools & Colleges

Virtually Golf is bringing their virtual world to a new audience by working closely with Priory Academies & Lincoln College. Offering classes and group trips for all ages to the venue creating an educational an interactive experience known as ‘VG Academies’. Book your class in to visit to learn a new skill set and understanding of technological advances in sport.

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“The more I practice the luckier I get”.

Gary Player


Foresight Sports technology used at Virtually Golf  is now used by almost every major brand in golf including Titleist, PING & Taylormade. Our technology is used by a host of tour players including Rickie Fowler and can also be found in golf clubs around the world, including prestigious venues such as Wentworth, Carnoustie and Sunningdale. So we can confidentially say… yes, you can develop from indoor golf at Virtually Golf.


Screen to Green

Our simulator hosts listed below are here to allow beginners to be To be educated around the sport regarding rules and the discipline required. Then understanding clubs, shot types before understanding your own swing and playing shots building up to achieve certain skills allowing a trip to a real course.
Virtually Golf is here to help you find your passion for the sport and become confident with your own game before teeing up on a real course and fall in love with this game even more.


Meet Your Simulator Hosts

Virtually Golf have a dedicated team in all areas of the business allowing your experience to be maximised. Our simulator hosts have got an in-depth knowledge of the game and a passion for the sport to help you on the simulators and develop in screen golf.

Stephen Clark

From the young age of 13 Stephen worked on a golf course cutting grass just to be around the game and at 19 years of age Stephen was manager of an 18 holes golf course overseeing all areas of the course and club.  Then moving to London to work alongside and manage indoor simulator venues learning about golfing technology and its advancements.

Ben Green

After picking up Golf following Covid-19, in the past 18 Months Ben reduced his handicap from 28 to 4.4. He says “I couldn’t achieve this without the GC Hawk technology here at VG”. Ben has great passion and knowledge of simulator technology through his elite usage and interest to teach using Foresights GC Hawk.

Graham Du Plessis

Graham was first picked to represent his club at the age of 6 years old and achieved a scratch handicap by 16. After playing for Redbourn and Harpenden Junior Team Graham went on to represent Hertfordshire County Boys Under 16/18. Graham has won multiple Opens and is currently playing for Harpenden Men’s Scratch Team.

Em Atkinson

Em has been a Durham County player for many years and been a part of multiple national competitions.  She has vast experience around simulator golf due to working with Foresight Technology at her home club and now at Virtually Golf aswell.  Em is currently the University of Lincoln’s Golf President.

Customer stories

We helped Mark to reignite his passion for golf. He is a valued member of our community and we love to see him flourish!

“ Virtually Golf has helped me to get noticed again, my confidence has improved and I found a community that’s supportive, relaxed and welcoming to everyone ”

Mark Thomson - Swings Again

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Screen to Green allows customers to pick up a club for the first time and strike a ball with no fear of their surroundings. A great way to learn and build confidence ready for the course.

“I was so excited when my dad told me about Virtually Golf! I had never played golf
before, but I now own my own set of clubs and I look forward to playing every week.”

Cal Lovell - Age 9

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Virtually Golf uses Foresight Sports technology which has changed the game with its award-winning line of GC launch monitors, no other technology delivers the accuracy and reliability.

“ The modern game of Golf, being a very technical and precise sport, relies on being exact with your preparations and execution. For this reason, the technology at Virtually Golf is going to be an extremely important part of my success in 2023. ”

Will Walker - Golf Professional

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