Tales from The Clubhouse | Cal’s discovery

June 7, 2023 by admin

Tales from The Clubhouse | Cal’s discovery

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Luke (37) and Cal (9), a father and son from North Hykeham, were Virtually Golf’s first members. Before visiting VG, Luke had been away from the game for 20 years. In order to get back into the swing of things, and introduce his son, Cal, to golf, Luke made a booking as soon as he heard about Virtually Golf opening its doors back in December 2022. 
Luke is now one of our oldest and most loyal customers, along with Cal who first picked up a club and started the game of golf indoors at VG. 

I was so excited when my dad told me about Virtually Golf! I had never played golf before, but I now have my own set of clubs and I look forward to playing every week.

Cal Lovell

As mentioned previously, Luke had not played golf in over 20 years, but VG has opened the game back up to him. Practising at VG has given Luke the confidence to return to the golf course and play – even alongside some of his friends who are ex-professional golfers. Perhaps even more poignantly than giving Luke access to the game again, VG gave him the perfect opportunity to ease Cal into the sport, develop his skills in a friendly atmosphere and build his confidence.

Luke became a full-time member at Virtually Golf to allow Cal and himself some father-son time. Coming in early to practice on the simulators before anyone else arrives at the venue, Cal plays football multiple times a week, alongside swimming, but having access to VG early in the morning allows the duo to fit it all in.

During that time they are able to relax in a venue where they both feel at home. It’s not only the simulators that they feel are impressive, but the social environment of The Clubhouse where Luke and Cal often meet the family for lunch, and socialise with friends. They have organised events including Cal’s birthday party and an end-of-season football presentation.

The VG clubhouse is a great place to bring the kids, we can sit and chat while the kids are playing the carnival games on the simulators. The VG Staff are all great as well, every member of the team is always on-hand to help – whether it’s helping the kids on the sims or Cal and I querying our swing technique on the simulators. They have great knowledge to help in all areas.

Luke Lovell

Cal who has been playing for almost 17 months, now also practices in an outdoor setting, as well as playing VG’s indoor courses. With the introduction from his dad to screen golf, Cal was able to build up his ability and confidence before stepping out onto the course. This innovative approach to getting to grips with the traditional game made sure he stepped up to the tee fully prepared!

The simulators are so amazing to practice on.The technology allows us to see the distance and power of our swings so we can set personal bests and track our improvement.

Cal Lovell

Golf can be a difficult and frustrating game. But by allowing yourself time at Virtually Golf to learn the fundamentals you can be a step ahead when driving into the golf course for your first tee-time. And what’s great to see, is even though Cal has taken the next step to enjoy the traditional game, Luke and Cal are still members at Virtually Golf, still improving their game one swing at a time.

Virtually Golf is becoming a great social environment, we see young familiar faces all the time now. Cal is a great lad and the staff have all taken to him and his sister Quinn. He loves chatting to the team here and comes in with friends from school now too. He’ll be a great golfer with his passion to learn combined with his Dad’s encouragement. It’s great to see Virtually Golf helping new kids come into the game and progress onto a course when they feel ready.

Stephen Clark, Managing Director at VG

The simulators are designed to allow the best players in the world to practice, so why not beginners? You receive unlimited top-branded balls with top-branded golfing equipment FOC and can track your progress, and even download your session onto your phone. The venue is convenient due to its central city location and staff are always there to help, give pointers and recommend how they develop into the traditional game, thanks to their great relationships with local golf courses and other practice facilities.

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