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Virtually Golf x England Golf

May 10, 2024 by Lewis Fuller

Virtually Golf x England Golf

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A new breed of indoor golf entertainment meets England’s golf governing body; Virtually Golf is proud to be partnered with England Golf.

Virtually Golf offers a new spin on the indoor golf experience, and we have intentionally crafted a brand distinct from the traditional indoor golfing scene to appeal to a broader demographic, prioritising a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for golfers and non-golfers. We pride ourselves on our family friendly focus and this runs through the business’ DNA, from the thoughtful selection of top-tier golfing simulators offering games beyond the sport, to hosting events such as the recent Parent and Child Mini Masters, proudly sponsored by England Golf.

Virtually Golf were one of the first off-course golf venues to partner with England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, and this has given our staff the opportunity to attend the EGU’s Community Golf Instructors (CGI) Course. This means that the team can now target groups, community projects and school partnerships to educate them about the game with fun and passion using Foresight Sports golfing simulator technology. England Golf has recognised and related our mission, so we will be working closely together to continue to provide the best experience for English golfers as we can.

What Does This Mean for VG Customers and Members?

Now for the bit you’re really interested in, how will this benefit you? Well, as an EG affiliated facility, specific competitions can be conducted in partnership with England Golf, which we hope will make them more credible and of a higher quality to all competitors. As well as this, our events and junior programmes will now be directly linked to the EG Get into Golf campaign, aimed at helping all ages, genders and abilities find their love for the game and develop their skills.

“The team at Virtually Golf have produced an inclusive golfing experience for all ages and abilities which is fun, sociable and allows visitors to enjoy golf using modern technology. The atmosphere is relaxed and family orientated whilst meeting the needs of both non-golfers and those who have been playing the game for many years. We’re very pleased to be supporting such a progressive facility and look forward to showcasing the great work they do in helping to grow the game of golf.”

Adam McAlister, England Golf

Virtually Golf aims to position itself as a market leader in off-course golf family entertainment, something only Top Golf have been able to achieve to date. We have a mission to make golf more accessible for anyone, which is why we’re so excited to collaborate with such an influential organisation and help people to discover their love of golf.

“It’s a great opportunity to partner with England Golf and a step forward for off-course golf. This shows how the indoor game is on a forward trajectory to become available to all.”

Ben Green, Golf Manager

To read more about our efforts to increase accessibility in golf, have a look at this article

And to find out more about England Golf’s Get into Golf campaign visit their website.

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