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‘Swing into Summer’ was a hole-in-one

August 22, 2023 by admin

‘Swing into Summer’ was a hole-in-one

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Virtually Golf’s first Swing into Summer campaign – which saw families sign up for 9 weeks of free simulator time, with incentives on food and drink as well as chances to win great prizes – landed on the green this summer.

Virtually Golf is set up for golf, no question. However, the buzz about this new Lincolnshire business stretches way beyond whether its swing is on par for the golfing community.

What makes VG special is the fact that the company has identified a need for on-demand entertainment from all audiences. The team has gone above and beyond golf, by making the atmosphere family-friendly and open to all ages and abilities.

By combining skill-building golf exercises with classic carnival-style fun and implementing virtual football alongside other games, families of all ages have made the journey to try out this new concept for themselves – and they’ve not been disappointed. The start of the year saw a huge increase in kids’ parties and adult social events, away from the game of golf, proving the concept works.

The launch of ‘Swing into Summer’ was specifically designed to allow the business’s non-golfing audience a way to use the venue in a cost-effective way. Creating this option helped VG open its doors to parents throughout the summer holidays. This flexible and purse-friendly initiative, which meant families could visit around their other summer holiday plans, or when rain cancelled days out, has been something the VG team has been keen to offer from day one.

Focussing on the younger generation, introducing them to the game of golf in an accessible way, to hopefully keep them returning in order to build their passion and skill development, minus the pressure or extra expense is a key deliverable for VG.

To be honest I only joined for a rainy day but we spent most of our summer on the simulators! The boys and their father always tried to be the best in your group during the competitions and I secretly enjoyed the moments when I came out on top, but of course I didn’t gloat!

Laura Taylor, mother of two young boys

The Virtually Golf team expected the summer promotion to be popular with their regular customers who know the venue and gaming options but were excited to see an influx of new customers sign up.

I’m delighted to see new faces and more importantly see these customers returning on a regular basis. Our new leader board competitions and prize bundles for families have been fantastic. I’ve also seen staff take time to engage with the kids to help them develop their skills on the simulators – this is what separates Virtually Golf from other competitive socialising venues! To create an environment where kids can enjoy activities that include their parents and still allow them to develop in new skills and hobbies.

Stephen Clark, MD, Virtually Golf
Swing into Winter

Due to its success and positive feedback, the business has continued the promotion so you can ‘Swing in Winter‘ too. Allowing families to sign up (£60 per family) and use the venue during the week. Specifically focussing on those after-school hours where simulators can be booked FOC with discounts on food and drink.

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