Get Golf Ready

Practice . Lessons . Improvement


Golf is evolving, and by understanding this you’ll be able to utilise the new platforms designed in the game to help you develop. New avenues created to play the sport, like Virtually Golf, offer not only a route for enjoyment but an opportunity to learn more about your game and develop.

Game Knowledge

The key fundamentals needed to achieve this are understanding your ball strike & flight, creating consistency and knowing how to manage your misses so that the miss-hits don’t penalise your score. By using the simulators, seeing you data presented in real time, and knowing your consistencies along with you inconsistencies allows you the development to lower your handicap.


Know your Game

Understand each shot you hit to the inch, our technology will give you the highest data to understand different variabilities such as Gap Testing, Ball Data & Club Distances plus many more to use on the course to increase your Golf IQ.


Time to work on it

It’s a tough ask to understand what you’re doing on your own. By using one of the best launch monitors on the market you’ll start to become a GOLFTEC and understand facts on your swing and what the ball is doing. The key is understanding that data and making the educational changes to improve. Having an expert to help, allows quicker and smoother progress.

Academy Page

Ping Partnership

Gap Testing and Analysis

Data straight to your phone

Yardage Cards

Yardage cards are similar to having a scorecard in your pocket, but instead offer quick access when on the course to view your club yardages, 3/4 swing distance and even max swing capabilities.

Virtually Golf’s yardage cards offer the same options, but it’s evolved to allow you to take all the data discovered here at VG including ball speed, spin and apex. 

You no longer have to guess your yardages from memory, just take a look at one of our yardage cards, analyse the shot you face, match the shot to a club and swing with confidence.

Market Leading Technology

Foresight Sports is now used by almost every major brand in golf including Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway & PING plus many others. Their technology is PGA partnered, used by leading tour pros & found in Wentworth, Carnoustie and Sunningdale. The overhead-mounted golf launch monitor, harnessing the same object-sensing and image-capturing technology found in the GCQuad, captures your Launch angle, side angle, spin, side spin and carry distance.

The technology is used by the best of the best across every part of the golf industry, this is why Virtually Golf trust in the data and results given.



Our memberships and packages are designed to create a cost effective solution and get the best experience and playability out of the simulators as well as enjoyment in The Clubhouse. Whether this be Golfers, Families or Businesses there’s options for everyone.

When becoming apart of our packages or memberships you’ll be welcomed to discounts, loyalty point system earning credit within the venue, guest passes to non members as well as free entry to events and competitions held at Virtually Golf.