Swing into Winter After School Club

1st October - 31st December

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Fun for the Whole Family

Our Swing into Summer was a huge success with new families joining the scheme and using the simulators throughout the summer regularly. We don't want to loose this so please welcome 'Swing into Winter'.

Let the Fun Continue

Same as the summer package families can pay £60 and have access to the simulators FOC for four months allowing kids and parents indoor activity and interaction during the colder weather

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Times you can book

The main change will be bookings can only be made during 3pm - 6pm during the week. You and your family can still enter for prizes and compete on all the games with 10% discount on food and drink.

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The Tiger came to Tee

Why 3pm - 6pm? This time invites a great option for parents to do an activity with their kids after school during dinner time where Virtually Golf have a variety of kids and parents meals.

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“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.”

Bob Hope


Virtually Golf work with local business to be able to offer great prizes. During the winter we were able to give out cinema tickets, vouchers for family days out aswell and experiences for families in Lincoln’s top indoor venues which we heard fantastic feedback from.

Swing into Winter will be no different and we’ll look to offer great great prizes again making sure there are always rewards.

Swing into Summer Success

Our Games

Virtually Golf combines skill building golf exercises with classic carnival-style fun. Designed to deliver hours of fun for golfers and the entire family.

Use footballs or golf balls but take the serious side out of the sport and enjoy. Try to be the best in your family with competitions or compete to sit at the top of the VG leaderboards.

Our Games