July 22nd - September 15th

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From £20 an hour

Whether you want to relax in comfort to catch up with work while the kids play on the simulators or spend quality time with them while challenging each other on different games. There is something for everyone, parents, or guardians of children young and old, you can all play, be active or just have fun.

Let the Fun begin

Fill your week with entertainment not only for the kids but parents, friends and colleagues too. Our simulators offer fun packed carnival games, football skill tests and obviously golf challenges. All the equipment needed is provided in the simulator booking fee.

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Family & Friends Anytime

Exclusive access during our opening hours including evenings and weekends. Our Family Membership package has been created to bring your family for up to 2 hours any-day plus discounts and incentives.


The Tiger came to Tee

The clubhouse is a welcoming venue designed to entertain families and individuals of all ages. Our menu offers a wide range of options, from coffee to cocktails, and dishes such as spaghetti bolognese to fully loaded burgers. We also provide a variety of kids' meals, including chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese. Additionally, guests can enjoy live sports on our big screens, making it the perfect spot for both dining and entertainment. We serve everything from coffee to cocktails & spaghetti bolognese to fully loaded burgers.

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Keep the family active every day!

Your Summer Holidays

The Bunker - £25 p/h

Enjoy your very own space in VG in our luxury Bunker, with room for a large group and air-conditioning to keep you warm or cool. Whether you’re looking for a private place to do business, enjoy family time or somewhere to celebrate, the Bunker may be the perfect place to maximize your experience this half term.

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Our Games

Virtually Golf combines skill-building golf exercises with classic carnival-style fun, providing hours of entertainment for golfers and their entire families.

Whether you use footballs or golf balls, this experience removes the serious side of the sport, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy. Compete with your family members to see who can achieve the highest score, or aim for the top spot on the VG leaderboards.

Our Games