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Virtual closest-to-the-pin golf tournaments

One Swing Can Change Everything. Use the PinSeeker mobile app to enter tournaments paying out 24K weekly. Choose a tournament and connect to our Bunker simulator allowing you the chance to win.

Where To Play

Playing in a PinSeeker tournament is easy. Find & Book the Bunker, download the app and start swinging.

Download App

What To Download

Download the Pinseeker App. On the app select a Pinseeker tournament. There are dozens of tournaments in Pinseekers mobile app offering cash prizes. Then scan the QR code on the Bunker screen and your in.


How Do I Win

Simply get closest to the pin. PinSeeker tees you up immediately. Swing away and track your position on the leaderboards. If you get knocked off the top you'll get notified so you can come and claim back your spot.


“If you want to have the excitement of tournaments, wagering, and competitions on simulators, Say no more”.

Amanda Renner


Every month, PinSeeker hosts hundreds of closest-to-the-pin golf tournaments, rewarding participants with cash, merchandise, and ultimate bragging rights. Tournaments are constantly starting and ending, allowing you to play at your convenience. Discover the various types of tournaments you can play at Virtually Golf.

Free Tournaments

Join PinSeeker’s free-to-enter tournaments to win gear and cool merchandise. With no entry fee you can still win prizes and compete against the best!

Virtually Golf customers can play against other PinSeekers in free tournaments to win gear from their Pinseeker ProShop. Warm-up for your cash games, compete against friends, or work on your swing with nothing on the line.