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Every month Virtually Golf hosts their Nearest the Pin competition on their chosen course. Free entry for every simulator booking or £3 for 5 attempts. Come down and see if you can take top spot on our leaderboard! - Good Luck -

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Every month Virtually Golf will hand pick a famous par 3 hole from around the world. It's up to you to being your A Game


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For every hour booked that month you'll automatically be given 5 free attempts. Just speak to staff during your booking and they can set this up for you.


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Thinking of returning to Virtually Golf to play again. Win the nearest the pin competition and it's on us with 2 hours FOC.


Monthly Nearest the Pin | September | Wentworth 14th Last Updated at - August 23, 2023 09:55 pm

Position Name Distance
1 Be 1.06ft
2 The 8.23ft
3 First 12.56ft
4 Attempt 18.34ft

“The most important shot in golf is the next one”.

Ben Hogan

Last Months Winner

Congratulations to Christina Langworth who was able to knock her 4th attempt on Troon’s famous postage stamp 8th hole to… 2.1 ft.

Christina is a regular golfer at Virtually golf and took the opportunity of her 5 free attempts during her booking to win 2 free hours for September.

September's Wentworth's 14th Par 3

Wentworth’s 14th is an uphill par three and the hole they regularly use for the hole-in-one prize. It’s not necessarily a tough hole but it can still catch players out because it has a false front so if you are short it can roll all the way back.

There are almost four sections of this green and if you hit a really good shot it can get really close. However you need to be quite aggressive here, because if you play safe and get the wrong side of the some of the slopes, you won’t get close.