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That's Right. It's Free! Go to the Official Premier League app, create your team and join our league using the code - "yd621j"

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The three highest scoring teams get posted to our instagram (so follow us and turn those post notifications on).

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All we need is your name and the prize is all yours. Prizes must be redeemed within 7 days of results being posted.

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Tiger Woods

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Whoever holds the reins at the end of the season and becomes the supreme fantasy premier league manager; will receive 3 hours in our VIP Bunker for The Champions League Final including their group first round FOC.

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A Double Whammy

Come into watch our live sport on a Saturday and every Carlsberg purchased results in an entry to our “Carlsberg Game Day”. A nearest the pin competition with more prizes to be won. If you prefer our premium Poretti then it’s only £3 for 5 entries.

Live Sport

Fantasy Premier League 23/24 | Top 10Last Updated at - February 2, 2024 07:03 pm

Position Name Overall Points
1 Darren Edwards 1341
2 David Gault 1327
3 Craig Smith 1326
4 James Wetherall 1322
5 Kieran Fuller 1305
6 Kyle Mason 1301
7 Steve Ohern 1299
8 Ashley Hallam 1297
9 Jack Nolan 1296
10 Danny Horton 1288